The “BlackBoard Training System” provides a revolutionary capability for training specific movement patterns of the foot, strengthening neuronal connections, and reintegrating them into everyday life.


Because its two connected platforms can move independently, it allows isolating specific movements of the forefoot and rear foot for training. The movement axes can be placed freely, which in addition to mobilization also supports targeted activation and strengthening of certain (perhaps deficient) muscle groups.

Injuries invariably involve pain. This can lead to visible reactions such as swelling or relief posture, but also cause less obvious changes in neuromuscular control.

We use a number of specific cases to give you an impression of how versatile the BlackBoard can be in mobilizing and stabilizing specific areas during all phases of rehabilitation.

Our movement apparatus comprises very different structures, including muscles, joints, ligaments, connecting tissue, and the central nervous system, to name just a few. To achieve maximum performance, each of these structures needs to be healthy and in perfect working condition. For instance, a strong muscle can never deliver its full strength if the tendon that connects it to the bone is causing pain due to an inflammation. The same holds true for any other structure involved in body movements. The speed strength cascade shows the order in which the individual components of a movement take place.