Comex Integrated Measurement System. Wiva® is the first professional device for scientific tracking and the improvement of sports performance.

Wiva® is not just a "sports tracker", but is a personal device, powerful and complete, to analize, measure and improve sports performance. Wiva® is the first "sports tracker" that allows an assessment of the biomechanical characteristics of the sporting gesture. This aspect allows you to get a better performance because a movement performed correctly leads to better efficiency of the gesture. Biomechanics combines knowledge of anatomy and the principles of physics to study human motion. 

In sport, we often refer to the ‘mechanics of the stroke’. Biomechanics and Sport Science have developed over recent years and now play a vital part in sport performance. This science can help fine tune a sportsman, not only in reducing those extra seconds in competition, but also for the efficiency of any sport activity no matter how fast they are doing.

Our COMEX Foot Scanner technology offers a dynamic assessment, diagnosis, prevention and treatment method, through lower extremity data analysis. The analysis is based on data from thousand sensors, connected to a computer providing absolutely accurate information aiming at the creation of individual, custom-made orthotic insoles. The Foot scan provides information regarding high stress regions of the Foot, as well as the distribution and timings of the stresses, the pressure points, the body centre of mass, and a full gait analysis in the various stance and push-off phases, and more.