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STANDARD BAROPODOMETRIC PLATFORM EPSR1 + SOFTWARE BIOMECH STUDIO (PC), EPSR-1 (48X48) USB (*cable for Biomech Studio Software PC version + bag).


STANDARD BAROPODOMETRIC PLATFORM EPSR1 + SOFTWARE BIOMECH STUDIO (PC), EPSR-1 (48X48) USB (*cable for Biomech Studio Software PC version + bag).
The Standard and performing pressure platform for baropodometric and postural analysis, orthostatic and dynamics of the individual foot. It can also be used for postural analysis; it is easy to transport by the supplied bag.
The results of the analysis can be viewed in BIOMECH® STUDIO Program for PC ( Windows) , the professional software that combines the products designed, developed and produced by Letsense. It has 48×48 active surface to permit the pressure evaluation of the patient and is easy to transport and not very influenced by environmental factors.

EPSR-1 has USB connection and powered by BATTERY.
It’s a system that provides quantitative information on the plantar support through the calculation of parameters such as surface, maximum pressure, average pressure and center of pressure.
The examination allows to highlight the presence of postural and ambulatory alterations, to observe the effectiveness of prostheses and orthotics and to evaluate the effects of rehabilitative therapies.

Information from the STATIC analysis:
During the static examination, the patient remains still for a few seconds, in an upright position in the center of the
platform; the system analyzes the pressure distribution, the contact surface and the oscillations of the pressure center.
This information allows you to accurately evaluate the characteristics of the support on the ground and the changes in
the balance in a static position. You can compare different analysis of the same patient between different patients.

• Load distribution (2D and 3D)
• Maximum and average pressures
• COP position
• COP position of the single foot
• Static angles and feet position
• Type of support
Information from the DYNAMIC analysis:
The dynamic test consists in making steps on the
platform. The system processes the acquired data
allowing to display the sequence of the forces
expressed on the vertical plane, the pressures, the
pressure centers, the contact surfaces, and the speed during each step acquired.

The information of the steps of the step can be observed instant by instant within the Biomech Studio software.
• Load distribution (2D and 3D)
• Maximum and average pressures• contact
• Integral pressure / time
• Movement of the point of Max pressure
• Type of support
• Load the distribution in the individual areas
• Development of the load in the different areas
• Film and Detection of the walking cycle phase
• Synchronized acquisition with film from the
• Statistics
• 3D viewing

Sensor type : Resistive, Sensor number : 2304,
Pressure range :10 -500 kpa, Frequency : 50Hz –
Connection: USB Sensor dimensions: 8×0 mm,
Size: 50x70x0,8 cm, Weight : 5 kg
Power supply : rechargeable battery (autonomy
of 8 hours of continuous work)